by Nomadic Attic

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Recorded in Queens, NY, and Sabella Studios, Roslyn Heights, NY


released April 23, 2012

Musicians: Christian Lewis, Jack Beers, Fletch Tison, Tyson Lewis, Sean Gibson, Rob Racine, Ted O'Toole, Meredith Meyer, Bill Racine

Recording, editing, mixing, mastering: Bill Racine (

Cover photography: Christian Lewis

Art direction: Josh Fischer (

Produced by Bill Racine and Christian Lewis

Copyright, Christian Lewis 2012



all rights reserved


Nomadic Attic Brooklyn, New York

Nomadic Attic is a musical collective.

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Track Name: Calling Out All Cowards
Been a long time since I tried to rule the world
This road's fine, but slow
And a big old sun rolling round the west
It's not dark yet, but close

Calling out all cowards never felt so good
They'd hide out forever if they could
The shine upon my armor might be red with rust
Better off than blood or full of dust

Older now than I've ever been before
I don't talk so loud no more, no more
But the long years are music to my ears
Even the tears are pedal steel

Might it be the song in me moves my mouth to sing?
Kinda like a crown wears a king
Maybe all the sound was here before we learned to breathe
It sure does hang around when we leave
Track Name: Algeciras
The days keep me on fire
Legs are ever tired
I've got no intention of stopping
Port out in the dark:
Soot and salt and spark
Light the ship heading for Morocco

Though I go tomorrow, no reason in my mind
I know I'll walk again on foreign time
And though I fill with sorrow the leaving eve we sit
I know that dock will dawn and I'll be on it

Bum out in the shadow
Drunk in alley hallowed
Need sees relief beyond the sea
Nothing left to give
All the suds are through the sieve
I pray grace pays in mirror cannon ways

I know where you are back in stasis
Your heart knocks against the fortress wall
Let the soldiers ago; let mold upon the rampart grow
Nothing new, I'm still out in the backyard

Something's gotta let up
The air is far too thick
I smell the storm seeping through the window
But words won't hold the weight of what I want to say
I wish there were a key to fit this keyhole

Here we go again looking further,
Father, from the places we have known
Till we come across what it was we lost:
Ember in the blood and bone
Track Name: Californ
Maybe it's a bit unlike you
To climb aboard a stranger's caravan
But if we slip on past those men
Who wave them guns to hold you under thumb
We'll make a good run as Californians
A good run to Californ

The sun's the same old angry flame to me
Just a touch more southern than you've seen
The wind will blow, days will go
Sing a song we used to know
When we reach 29 Palms
When we come as Californians
As Californ

The grain will wait until we reach the storm
It's coming fast you know it's coming strong
And all those nights lost in America
I swear I'll leave em when we run
When we run as Californians
When we run from Californ
Track Name: Anywhere You're Not
You've been around the block
The knocking never stops
Sound don't drown your fear of years of living on the clock

Summer's on the lamb
Now it's back again
And you're deep in thought—you know I'm not

A snake is feigning straight
A break impending—wait
Eyes to sky, pages, places ... anywhere you're not
Track Name: No Blues
Speak at me from the static
3,000 miles east
Running deep in the shallows
Staring up at the light

Gotta be going somewhere
Trains all take a track
But I'm highway homeless
Going nowhere fast

No blues

God is on the back road
Wearing devil's clothes
Never thought us falling
All my devils rose

Can you hear the music
Whisper through the years
Tender as your teardrop
Flowing through my beard

No blues

So drink on Dionysus
Bacchus get his back
Let the chorus lift us
Let your skies collapse

And the river it will find us
Boatman row slow
One more song for harvest
One kiss before we go

No blues
Track Name: Pastourelle
Already out of my mind
Feel so low but no more bad than last time
But why so fast from my mind?
Maybe I'm shallow to always bring home what I find

On the porch, I saw the rock n roll in those eyes
In the morning, the song was wrong, it was another rock n roll lullaby

Fly on bird, fly south
Search for a perch to sing us a song of yourself
But why so fast from this house?
It's been written, right there on the shelf

Holy ghost, I know I'm swollen with sin
Hold my hand, and hand in hand saints and devils will come marching in

Already out of my mind
Feel so low but no more bad than last time
But why so fast from my mind?
Maybe I'm shallow to always bring home what I find

On the porch, I saw the rock n roll in those eyes
In the morning, the song was wrong, it was another rock n roll lullaby
Track Name: Little Things
You could be asking for the world
You could be a hole in the wall
You could be a switchblade
And I would stay

Today is a good day
Blue skies and "Why nots?"
Thoughts may cloud and the gray shroud
But for now we've unwound the clocks

Speak of little things
The smell of home and the ghost it brings
Light flash—black
But bright through the ash: your candle eyes

Symbols, rhythm and rhyme
Tongue-twisting riddles and spells
No help for telltales
Ice was made to melt and time was made to fly

Speak of little things
The jug band and the song it sings
Stomp the floor and moan:
We're here, you're not alone
Track Name: In Your Sleep
I heard you talking in your sleep again
Heard you saying how you feared the cold
I tried to cover up your weakness
But blankets wouldn't hold your body still; you kept on shivering alone
Far from home

Debt did make you pawn your soul again
In the hotel room, a man disguised as Jesus took your clothes
I wanted nothing but to heal those wounds
But your body bent until it finally broke
Far from home

Don't lock up in your box full of hope and dream
Time was made for better things—you don't seem to care
Don't stock up all your wares; the day is growing dim
Air was made for breathing, not wasting in despair

I saw you floating down that stream again
Arms were open wide like a drifting Mary Magdalene
You struck the sea with startling energy
I tried to drag you in but the current swept you down that dismal cove
Far from home
Track Name: 0s & 1s
Crazy talk, your shotgun flight
Hitching north in a clown car
The circus ablaze behind
I'm strung out on whiskey and smoke
I'd rather be a mule than stuck
Rusting in the backyard while memory creeps up
But you so filled up with fire
Your fever has soared like the hawk

Switch, click and motor run
Synthetic skeleton king
Everything on or off
Staircase wave is the way
Still you say, "Not far-fetched"
I say, "I've been stretched too long
Wrong upon the rack of influence
Torn by stranger's songs"

Hazy day, rain and wind, the sun blinking through at you
I try to sing right of love but now the lightning comes
Track Name: The Good In Me
Could you see the good in me while I sleep?
Good never behaves like it should
Flags aflame and now they wave in the morning wind
To say: "We can forgive but we won't give in"

World rob me blind—story fill my eyes
The finest song is barely a breath in a long goodbye

Black on white: the page is a part of my cage
What's fear at first, now is the heart taming dark
Finally time but mine is rolling on and on
Wish it would slow but wishing don't make it so

Burn off the chaff—rise, rise, rise
The finest song is barely a breath in a long goodbye

World rob me blind—story fill my eyes
The finest song is barely a breath in a long goodbye